About us

Eclectic Fish sells accessories for surfing, paddle boards, and kayaks. We offer our  own branding of EFW and some partner brands such as YOLO Boards and accessories. We also are in partnership with the YOLO Brand board available for local rental and sales in the Tampa Bay area -- CHECK US OUT AND RENT TODAY or take a look at our board offering online here. 
The "Eclectic Fish" are in persona, our twin sons that face the challenges that living within the Autism spectrum can bring. As we look to help build a future for not only them, we also feel that as we grow, look to help others in their path to success. Our family is dedicated to life on the water and have had the pleasure to witness how it has impacted many others living with ASD. As we grow and look to give back, all items are tagged to have a percentage of sales donated to water therapy non-profits helping those in this amazing community.
We appreciate you learning more about us, feel free to contact us  via email or call us at 813-428-3259 anytime to learn more!
The Eclectic Fish -- (Ethan and Evan/ E2)