About us

Eclectic Fish purveys surfing, paddle boarding, and kayaking accessories. Our offerings include our own branded products, EFW, and also encompass partner brands such as YOLO Boards and accessories.

The "Eclectic Fish" represent our twin sons, who confront the challenges of living within the Autism spectrum. As we endeavor to create a future for them, we also aspire to assist others on their journeys towards success. Our family is devoted to a life on the water and has observed the profound impact it has had on many others who live with ASD. As we continue to expand and seek ways to give back, a percentage of all sales is earmarked for water therapy non-profits that support this remarkable community. A portion of our sales go back to help programs like Special Olympics

We are grateful for your interest in learning more about us. Please do not hesitate to contact us via email or by phone at 813-428-3259 at your convenience to learn more!

The Eclectic Fish -- (Ethan and Evan/ E2)