8 inch Fin for Longboard, Surfboard or SUP/Paddleboard

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8 inch center fin - ideal for your surfboard, paddleboard/SUP or long board. Fin includes "no-tool-needed" fin screw for easy install and placement.  

SPECIFICATIONS: Depth: 9", Base: 6.5", Rake: 28°

MATERIAL: Fiberglass Filled Nylon

COMPATIBILITY: Works on any SUP or surfboard with a standard 8.5 inch or 10.5 inch fin box.

FLEXIBLE DESIGN: Purchase for your SUP paddleboard, surfboard, or longboard
FREE "NO TOOL" FIN SCREW: Included for easy installation and removal

OUR MOST POPULAR STYLE:  Provides easy maneuvering  and provides good hold in both flat water paddling and active water. Use this on our own paddleboards

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